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Jftc Essay Competition 2011 Pistols

Past Competitions and Winners

JFTC Essay Competition 2017
"The Ideal Future Free Trade System – Tasks and Solutions –"
JFTC Essay Competition 2016
"Searching for a New Initiative in Global Trade and the Role of Japanese Companies"
JFTC Essay Competition 2015
"Promoting Globalization within Japan:
An action plan to attract overseas investment, human resources, and other resources"
JFTC Essay Competition 2014
Topic 1 — Future of the “SHOSHA” in the Global Economy
Topic 2 — Toward Developing Japan’s “Resources” by 2020: A Strategy for Utilizing Them for the Benefit of the World
JFTC Essay Competition 2013
“Japan's policy direction in the global economy
- Growth strategy to revitalize the economy and Japan's contribution to the world -”
JFTC Essay Competition 2012
“Strategies for a Depopulating Japan”
JFTC Essay Competition 2011
“Vision for a New Japan after 3.11”
JFTC Essay Competition 2010
“Reconstruction of Japan: Prescription to Transcend a Downsized Japan”
JFTC Essay Competition 2009
"How Should Global Capitalism be Corrected - Japan' s Role and Mission"
JFTC Essay Competition 2008
"The Possibility of 'Japanese-Style Business Models' for Preserving the Earth"
JFTC Essay Competition 2007
"Global Capitalism and Japanese Companies"
JFTC Essay Competition 2006
"The Potential of Brand Japan"
JFTC Essay Competition 2005
"Globalization and Japanese Companies"

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Edouard in the middle hugged by Alessio and Alberto.


GOGO electric boat by GardaSolar France!

New news for GardaSolar electric boat!

Another great news with a new collaboration to expand the GOGO electric boat in the Europe market, exactly in France.

In this days there was a meeting on Lake of Garda between GardaSolar and Mr. Edouard Gegout (La Perle Owner) where we place the foundation to expand the GOGO electric boat in France with GardaSolar France!

La Perle is a boat and pedal boat rental company since 1911 which is located on Lake Gerardmer in France, more info at: http://www.bateau-la-perle-gerardmer.fr/

La Perle is the first customer in France to GardaSolar.
The company purchased in 2014 two solar electric boats and after the success of GOGO has increased fleet with 6 other electric boats.

After this success Mr. Gegout decided to become a distributor for GOGO boat in France.

You can find all information and contacts at: http://www.emotor.fr/emotor-3-produits

Companies La Perle and Emotor have their headquarters in Gerardmer, a strategic position to promote and show GOGO electric boat in France and to follow customers in the sale and after sale.

Also France area is full of parks for the holidays with lakes where people rent electric boats.

Soon you can also rent GOGO the boats that are environmentally!

Pass it GardaSolar France there!

Stay tuned on: http://www.gardasolar.com/



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