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Gender Bias In The Media Essay

Bias In The Media Essay

Everyday millions of Americans plop down in front of their TVs to get their daily intake of news and current events of what happened that day. Sadly, most of the news and facts they are getting have been altered somehow by someone at the news corporation or by the reporters themselves. In the numerous news sources that cover world evens daily there are certain viewpoints that are thrust into the public’s face. This highly opinionated and biased news coverage has been present since there was news to report on. From WWII and onwards there has been a steady increase in the number of news corporations, which in turn has caused an increase in viewpoints on news coverage. Americans get this biased view of current world events because owners as well as reporters deliberately sway the facts to reflect their view on the event whether that is more liberal or conservative. The major news and media companies in the United States all have different political agendas that they must follow when reporting on current events especially the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.
There are several reasons why news corporations report tainted facts and information and some of these are more complicated than others. The first example is “partiality, favoritism, and one-sidedness. All of these are very present when news corporations have a strong support of one side” (Sloan, Burleson-Mackay 7). The second example is “the tendency and inclination that prevents a fair and balanced approach to reporting on the news”. This is the most present reason why bias in the media arises. News corporations and owners especially present a constant viewpoint and sway on every story, which is why having a fair approach is hard to accomplish (Sloan, Burleson-Mackay 8). The last example is “a temperamental or emotion leading to one side” (Sloan, Burleson-Mackay 7). This reason is very present in reporting from Iraq and Afghanistan just because of how graphic and violent the war has become.
Bias in reporter’s stories can be created a couple different ways. One of those possibilities is that information is fabricated to reflect a news corporation’s viewpoint as well as the bias they normally present. The second is the fact that “a journalist can include in their story quotations from advocated of particular perspective”(David Baron 4). By quoting these people in their stories journalist and reporters all the advocates to “present their perspectives, make assertions and allegations, draw conclusions, and argue for particular actions”(Baron 4). The public is also able to diagnose the root causes of media bias in two forms. The first is, “bias is a lack of dispassion and impartiality that colors the decision of whether or not to publish a story”(Baron 6). Secondly, they see bias as “an intent to persuade” (Baron 6).
Media bias could have a variety of sources. Bias could reflect the preferences or worldview of the owner and reporters of any news corporation. In the US, major news...

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Gender Bias And Sexism In The Media Essay - 1,634 words

Gender Bias and Sexism in the Media (1) It is a fact that, since the time when Medias began to play an increasingly important role inlives of people from Western countries, the gender-based structure of traditional society started to become more unisex. Because of that, the social roles that used to be traditionally assigned to males and females cannot be thought as distinctive behavioral concepts.The essence of this metaphysical evolution appears to be quite simple. Medias try to apply notions of sensitivity, insecurity andfemininity to males, while women are being discussed in terms of masculine qualities, such as self-reliance, intelligence andindividualism. When female politician lacks masculine qualities, Medias try their best not to concentrate their attention on this fact(nobody wants to be fired as sexist). However, sometimes the lack of leadership qualities, on the part of such politicians, is being justtoo apparent for the Medias not to be mentioning it. This is when the old Liberal song of gender biasness comes into play. It cannot escape our attention that the issue of gender biasness in politics today is like a rash the more it is being scratched, themore it itches. Hillary Clintons election campaign serves as very good example, which substantiates the validity of this statement. Itis not a secret that her followers used to come up with accusations against American Medias, which according to them, have failed atcovering Clintons campaign in objective manner. This is despite the fact that news anchors are well aware of the fact that sexiststatements, on their part, are absolutely intolerable. Therefore, it appears that the bulk of these accusations were unsupported.Nowadays, it is not persons individual qualities or its gender affiliation that allow him or her to attain high social status, but its abilityto adjust to the political ideology of neo-Liberalism, in order to become a member of the club. The reason why Clinton was qualified to participate in Presidential race is that she was acquainted with pseudo-sophisticatedterminology of neo-Liberalism and that she looked presentable. However she made one crucial mistake, while campaigning. Clintonused to insist that that Presidents primary function consists of managing the bureaucracy, rather then leading the nation towards newgoals. This caused her to fall out of favour with Americans and not the fact that she wears skirt. Whether we want it or nor, but it isthe possession of masculine qualities of character, which qualifies potential leader for a job. Joan of Arc was able to liberate Francefrom foreign invaders not because she knew how to practice participative leadership, or had the ability of operating with terms thathave no actual meaning, such as empowerment, transition-decision making or consensus, but because, deep inside, she was more of aman then those men who surrounded her. The same can be said about Margaret Thatcher, who practiced authoritarian style of leadership, despite being a fragile woman. Thisis the reason why it is only female leaders who knew how to act as men that will go down in history, while the name of Hillary Clinton,for example, is going to be forgotten in the matter of a year or two. David Gaunlett in his book Media, Gender and Identity had veryaccurately pointed out to the current trends in Medias, when it comes to dealing with issue of gender: Magazines for young womenare emphatic in their determination that women must do their own thing, be themselves, and/or be as outrageously sassy and sexy aspossible. Several recent movies have featured self-confident, tough, intelligent female lead characters. Female pop stars sing aboutfinancial and emotional independence, inner strength, and how they don't need a man (Gaunlet). It cannot escape ones attention thateven very moderate propaganda of womens emancipation is nothing but a part of feminism as ideology. However, it is not a secretthat feminism had sustained a crushing defeat, as political philosophy, because it is based on denying the laws of nature. Therefore,the proponents of this idea had changed their tactics. Instead of trying to embrace masculine qualities as something natural to women, now they enforce femininity upon males, whiledenying them their right to discuss female politicians as women. Their ultimate goal appears to be nothing less of erasing alldifference between genders on social level. This is the reason why post-modernity is associated with degendeneration. In fact,women appear as being quite as vulnerable to accusations of sexism as men are, if they have strong feminine qualities and happen tobe White. The political observers notice that the popular notion of angry white male will be soon accompanied by the concept of angry white female. As a rule, Black women are being described by Medias as the victims of unjust social realities. They are shown as highly spiritual beings, which tend to hug trees and talk to flowers. The movie Beloved is a good example OprahWinfrie plays the role of honest and loving Black woman, whereas in real life, she is greedy and vicious TV host, who does notunderstand what the concept of good taste, stands for. In movie Maid in Man.............................................................................................................................................................................................................................You are reading a preview................... Visit our Blog and Unlock Full Access to this essay...................You are reading a preview................... Visit our Blog and Unlock Full Access to this essay...................You are reading a preview................... Visit our Blog and Unlock Full Access to this essay...................You are reading a preview................... Visit our Blog and Unlock Full Access to this essay...................You are reading a preview................... Visit our Blog and Unlock Full Access to this essay...................You are reading a preview................... Visit our Blog and Unlock Full Access to this essayContinue READING the FULL Essay by clicking HERE

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