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Guilford County Schools Job Vacancies Descriptive Essay

Thank you for your interest in joining the Guilford County Schools team!


Every member of our team - 10,000 employees strong - is dedicated to ensuring student success. We may be one of the largest school districts and employers in the state, but we work hard to make every member of our team feel like an individual. We are committed to excellence and character, always seeking to strive, achieve and excel in all we do.

If you are committed to excellence in education, and are driven to support the success of every student through strong performance, we welcome you to apply.

How To Apply For a Job With GCS:

If you are interested in a career with GCS, first hover over the Vacancy List tab on the left side of this page to learn which positions are currently open. We update these listings all the time, so keep checking back for an opening that fits your skills and interests. 

Classified, administrative, licensed? Not sure which category may feature your perfect job? Check out the information below and click on the category links to learn how to look for current openings and how to apply. 

You can also click on the job descriptions link on the left to read detailed descriptions of all GCS positions. 

Applications are processed online through GCS AppliTrack. You'll need to create an account, then fill out the online application. 

The Office of Employment will review and process your online application. If you're selected for further review, you'll be contacted. 

You may access GCS application here.  If you experience techinical problem with the application you may contact AppliTrack help desk at (847) 475-2283 ext. 1. 

Directions for Applicants:

Principal Applicants 


Administrative Applicants

                        Assistant Principal
                        District Level Administrators

Licensed Applicants

                        Social Workers
                        Media Specialist

Substitute Applicants

                        Substitute Teachers for Teachers
                        Substitute Teacher Assistants 
                        Substitute Group Leader for After-School Care Enrichment Services (ACES) 
                        Substitute School Nutrition 
                        Substitute Office Support
                        Substitute Custodial Services

Classified Applicants

                        Teacher Assistants
                        After-School Care Enrichment Services (ACES)
                        Office Support
                        School Nutrition

Bus Driver Applicants

                       Bus Drivers
                       Safety Assistants

 Coach Applicants

                        Paid Non-Faculty Coaches
                        Volunteer Non-Faculty Coaches
                        Classified GCS Employee Volunteer Coaches


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