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Weekly Assignments See Reader Completetax

Bible study assignments

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Intro to Bib Lit
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Introduction to Biblical Literature

"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path" -- Psalm 119:105

     There are a dozen of those Bible Study assignment sheets. They start with Genesis and go through Revelation. You will read about a fourth of the Bible. You will be asked to reflect on the lives of lots of 80 Bible characters. Don't be overwhelmed. Here's what to do:

  1. Turn each one in on time
    • Take the due dates calendar and write those dates on the individual sheets as well as the master calendar of assignments which you keep (I hope) for all your classes.
    • Bible Study sheets are due at the beginning of class period
    • Don't be overwhelmed that there are a dozen of them. Remember the Chinese riddle:
      • Question: How do you eat an elephant?
      • Answer: One bite at a time. [ read more ]
  2. Read the Bible passages.
  3. Read the textbook pages.
  4. As you answer the questions, be sure to answer each part of them. [ sample answers ]
    "Because the Bible grapples with the basic questions man has always asked himself, it has fascinated him for 2,000 years and more. This is why it is the most influential and widely read book in human history. The Bible -- which is actually a collection of sixty-six small books -- tells of the rise and fall of ancient nations and the clash of armies. It tells about kings and plain people, heroes and villains. It contains history and theology, poetry and songs, philosophy and letters. It contains strange dream-visions, wise sayings, and some seemingly dull collections of court records, family trees, and religious rules. It contains some of the greatest literature man has produced. All of it is directed to the relationship between man and God"
   -- A Reader's Guide to the Holy Bible ©1972, Thomas Nelson

Getting a good grade

Want to get the best grade possible on your Bible Study assignment work? [ read more ]

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Step 4: Building the paper

Now that you have the information you need to write your paper, you'll start your rough draft.  You can take the information from your outline and place it into your APA formatted paper that you've already downloaded and saved.  The outline will show you what your paragraphs will contain.  Again, start with the main points from your outline.  You'll build your paragraphs around those main points (remember, one main point per paragraph) and fill in details to support each main idea. Go back to step 3 if you have more questions on writing an outline.

Remember that writing is a process.  If you get stuck as you go, utilize your resources:

  • APA Guide for help with formatting, citations, and reference page.
  • Grammarly for help with spelling, grammar, mechanics, and when you may need to cite something (plagiarism check).
  • Submit to Writing Lab to have your paper reviewed by a tutor.
    • Scroll down to see Drop Box & Rubric for Writing Submission below.
  • Work with a tutor.  Make an appointment with a tutor in Tutor Match.  
    • See the Tutoring Resources box at bottom left. Click on the Tutor Match tab.
  • Utilize Learning Express for writing assistance. 
  • NoodleTools for help with creating in-text citations and reference pages.
  • Watch a webinar (multiple topics).
  • View the English Composition Guide for helpful resources. 

Watch the short video below for information on APA formatting.

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